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Customers’ reviews

Nathan B.

I was following Mitsubishi Motors for a long time, but I never thought of buying a Mitsubishi car until now. But, with Mitsubishi Auto Auction I managed to buy my first Mitsubishi Lancer for a really good price in a good condition. Thank you

Jun 12th 2017
Sofia N.

While looking to sell my Mitsubishi SUV I got into this car platform, and since then I always come back to see what's new. Now I am reading car news here, and this is the only place I visit when I want to buy myself or to a family member a car. Thank you for this great web-site!

May 4th 2017
Josiah V.

Bought my first Mitsubishi crossover here. For the price I payed I thought the car would be in a worse condition. Too bad I had to pay 100% for the shipping, I hope next time I buy here sellers will offer to pay a small part of the shipping cost.

26th Jun 2017